Pupil Premium

Great Bedwyn School receives £1,300 for every child who is registered for free school meals and £1,900 for any pupils in local authority care or adopted from care.

The school has the option and makes the decisions about how this money is spent. It can be used to support children on a one to one basis or it can be used to support a group of students. Each school must report on how the money was spent in a way that does not identify individual pupils.

In 2017/18 we received £30,460 of Pupil Premium money.  We spent this Pupil Premium money on:

  • Specialist and 1:1 teaching
  • TA support
  • Emotional literacy support
  • School trip and travel costs
  • Extra-curricular clubs
  • School meals (for those registered)
  • Milk

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017/18