In Reception, and through Key Stage 1, we use the ‘Sounds-Write’ phonics scheme to teach the 44 sounds in the English language. The phonemes are taught by segmenting and blending the individual sounds in a whole word context. From Year 2 and into Key Stage 2, the principals of ‘Sounds-Write’ are continued alongside the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ Scheme to teach the spelling patterns and rules as outlined in the National Curriculum for English. In Year Two, the emphasis in phonics teaching moves towards increasingly accurate spelling and choosing the right spelling for the sound.


The teaching of spelling is supported by our reading scheme, with ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ at the core, so that the children embed the skill of sounding out words and developing sight vocab of high frequency words as they progress through their learning. The reading scheme continues through Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2. By the end of Key Stage 1, the majority of our pupils are able to read aloud age-appropriate texts accurately and with sufficient speed. The focus of the teaching of reading then becomes teaching children the skills of checking that the text makes sense to them, discussing their understanding and explaining the meaning of words in context, asking questions, drawing inferences, prediction, summarising, retrieval and recording information from non-fiction and participating in discussion about both books that are read to them and those they can read for themselves.

Children are encouraged and supported to choose books from our beautiful new library, to develop a breadth and depth of reading that will ensure they develop a lifelong love of reading.


We are passionate about encouraging our pupils to write with enthusiasm, creativity and flare whilst at the same time developing their knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Developing writing is linked to the topics being studied in class and teachers look for opportunities to give writing a real purpose. A range of age appropriate genres are covered as the children progress through school and written work is celebrated and valued through class and whole school displays.

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