School Transport

Pupils who live within the school catchment area and where road conditions or distance make it unsafe for children to walk to school may be entitled for transport to school.

Parents must apply to the LA for this transport.

The school operates two minibuses which cover four routes. Children are expected to behave and be well mannered when using these buses. For more information please get in touch

Road safety

When collecting children from school, for safety reasons, cars should be parked in the school car-park or along the road, well clear of the pedestrian gates and obviously not on zig zag lines.

Please note, there is limited parking space at the school. The central parking spaces are for use by school staff. Please do respect the use of the disabled space.  The British Legion have agreed to let parents use their car park whilst delivering or collecting children from school.

For safety reasons, please also encourage your children to use the footsteps to cross Wansdyke Road.

It is advisable for any parents within walking distance of the school to do so rather than bring a car into the area.