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Our School

Great Bedwyn CE School aims to provide a place where children are supported and developed through our creative curriculum and Christian ethos to become aspirational learners who aim high and recognise learning as a life-long journey that, at times,  requires courage and perseverance but is also joyful and rewarding.

We want our children to be caring and confident and to recognise the important contributions they each make to the life of the School, the community and wider society.

We actively develop and promote our school Christian values of:

Love, Forgiveness, Friendship, Courage, Responsibility and Respect

Our ethos is:

  • To promote a caring atmosphere within a happy, healthy, secure environment where the self esteem of pupils and adults is reaffirmed
  • To meet the needs of the individual child, developing them to reach their true potential by challenging and supporting them to become critical thinkers and independent learners
  • To promote Christian values and develop children’s spirituality whilst encouraging an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith within a diverse society
  • To encourage the whole school community to be responsible, caring members of the school family with a commitment to democracy, justice, mutual respect and tolerance.
  • To promote a respect for our environment and a responsibility for the sustainability for our world.
  • To develop a life-long love of learning, including an appreciation of music, drama and art, that enriches the whole school community.
  • To develop an understanding of what it is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

School song

 To reflect our school visions and Christian values, the children have written a school song, with music written by Laura Barker.

Up, Up and Away 

Our only School Rule is to Be Kind