Sport plays an important part in our school and to ensure high quality provision, our teachers team-teach with a specialist sports coach. We aim to provide all pupils with two hours of physical activity a week covering dance, gymnastics, outdoor games and athletics. We participate in the cluster sports festivals whether it be hockey, football, tag rugby, athletics, orienteering, dance etc.

All children are given the opportunity to learn to swim at least the required 25 meters, alongside learning safe self-rescue.

In addition, we make full use of our school grounds to incorporate outdoor learning throughout the curriculum and further enhance our provision with residential visits. Adventure activities (archery, wall climbing, bicycle skills, keel boating and windsurfing to name but a few) form an important part of our programme of residential visits. Every child in Year 6 takes part in a scheme called Bikeability that teaches them how to ride safely and pupils are encouraged to have an active journey to school whether it be by walking, scooting or cycling.

All our pupils are encouraged to attend extra-curricular sports activities which are delivered by school staff and sports companies. The programme varies from term to term, but usually includes activities such as; dance, high five netball, cricket, football, tag rugby, inclusive games and athletics.

We aim to promote an enthusiasm to participate in a wide variety of physical exercise and to promote a life-long passion for physical activity which will enable our pupils to lead healthy lives.

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