Visits & Visitors

All classes go out of school on occasions to extend their ‘Curriculum’ studies.

These visits may be local and occupy only an hour or two, or further afield and take a whole day. In the latter case there may be the cost of transport and other expenses to meet and we then ask parents to make a voluntary contribution. Other groups may go away for a night or a week on residential study courses.

On all visits we have to have a ratio of pupil/adult supervision:

  • Reception Class 1 adult to 5 pupils
  • Years 1 – 3 1 adult to 6 pupils
  • Years 4 – 6 1 adult to 10-15 pupils

So, again we will need your time and support.

We use coaches with seatbelts, children sit one to a seat and are belted in.

On certain occasions parents transport children to activities in their cars. The County or school has no insurance cover for personal accidents, therefore, the responsibility lies with the driver of the car. Most comprehensive insurance policies cover this. The teaching and non teaching staff are in exactly the same position. Mrs Simonis must check all car documentation of adults driving children or on school activities. For safety reasons we request CRB checks for all adults supervising pupils.

Only school equipment should be used to take pictures of the children on educational visits.

Charging and Remissions Policy                  

All school trips must be self-funding and we aim to make them non-profit making. With this criteria in mind an initial letter will be sent to parents with costings and a request as to whether parents will meet these costs. If the trip proves viable, parents will be requested to pay a voluntary contribution to cover the costs.

All children when they are in year 4, will have the opportunity to stay overnight at Oxenwood Outdoor Education and Residential Centre. In year 6 an annual 5-day trip is undertaken.

If parents receive Income Support, Family Credit, Widowed Mother’s Benefit or Invalidity Benefit please discuss the situation with the Headteacher.