School Council

Mrs Carlisle our Deputy Headteacher leads the School Council.

They meet each week usually on a Friday at 1pm. Each class from year 2 to year 6 has an election at the start of the school year to vote for their class representative.

School Council’s Code of Conduct for all pupils.

During the year, the children discuss many of the issues that arise in school and try to find solutions to them. This year we are going look at the following things:

  • Check the travel plan details (add parent letter bits & pieces)
  • Order fluorescent clothing/negotiate GBSA
  • Promote walking
  • Help to organise walking bus
  • Walking Bus – we need parent volunteers to organise and take responsibility for its daily running
  • Strategies to encourage walking/park and walk
  • Stopping parents parking in the disabled bay
  • Displays – Be a Health Detective; Parking safely
  • A walking challenge? School & community (local resources, the environment)
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle with weekly 10 minute runs
  • Competition for a walk to school logo and trainer design

Here are our plans to research and build a new shelter to keep our scooters in at school – January 2017:

jan 17

We have also been discussing some ideas for an anti bullying policy:

Questions to ask to form a Child friendly Anti Bullying Policy January 2017

  • What is bullying?
  • What do we want our school to be like? What is important to us?
  • What should you do if someone is being bullied?
  • What will an adult do if someone is being bullied?
  • What are important things to remember?

Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy

In 2014-2015, the children focused on the new play equipment that the GBSA have been fundraising for. The whole school was consulted and the school council met with companies to discuss the items that the school think they would like.  The new play equipment was constructed and ready for use in June 2015 and everyone is enjoying using it.

We made a Powerpoint presentation about the new Play equipment:

Play equipment presentation